13. Many of my students have emailed me after returning home to say, "Yes, Duncan, you were right. I am experiencing reverse culture shock here in (country)." Reverse culture shock can be very difficult. Remember to be kind to yourself when you get home, and give yourself time to adjust.


Congratulations, you are now a citizen of the world!

* * *

To survive a difficult situation makes us stronger. If you have seen the movie "TITANIC", you know that Rose survived the shipwreck, but Jack did not.

Many people survive difficult experiences. These experiences make interesting stories we can tell our friends, family and children when we get older.

So just remember, all those difficult experiences of culture shock will make you a stronger person. They will also give you many interesting stories to share with family and friends when you return home.

Enjoy the adventure. Maybe they will make a movie about your culture shock survival story.