Cues in Western Culture

1 Someone comes walking toward you with their right hand extended, palm out. What do you do?
Ignore them.
Smile at them.
Say "hi".
Extend your right hand, grasp theirs gently, but firmly, and shake it two or three times.
Extend your right hand and make a peace sign.

2 Someone comes toward you and says "What's up?". Sometimes the questions sounds more like:
"S'up?" What does it mean?
They are asking you if there is anything in the sky above your heads.
They are asking you if you want to go flying this weekend.
They are asking you if you are planning to take a trip.
They are asking you how you are, or how your life is going. what's happening in your life.
They want to know what is on the floor above the one you are on.

3 Someone comes walking toward you and gives you the peace sign.
You make the peace sign back at them.
You turn and walk away.
You wave your arms above your head.
You give the "thumbs up" sign.
You say: "Sure, pizza sounds good."

4 Somebody says "Can you give me a light?" to you.
They want you to give them a light bulb.
They want you to help them light their cigarette. So take out your lighter or matches (if you have them).
You say: "Only on Tuesday."
You give them the "peace" sign.
You give them the "thumbs up"sign.

5 People are talking about what to eat for lunch. Someone suggests pizza, then everyone turns to you and they all raise their eyebrows while looking at you. What should you do?
You say: "Sure, I like pizza," or, "No thanks, I don't like pizza."
You give them the "peace" sign.
You turn and walk away.
You close your eyes and keep them closed.
You say: "Hi, how are you?"

6 Someone asks your friend if they are from overseas. Your friend answers and then the person turns, looks at you and says: "And you?" What do you say?
"No thanks, I already ate."
"Yes, me too."
"Yes, my friend is from overseas."
"I'll have French fries with mine, please."
"Who wants to know?"