Gestures in Western culture.

1 What does the gesture above mean (in Western culture)?
Give me some money.
Pass me the book.
I want to shake your hand.
It's Tuesday.

2 Do you know what this gesture means?
Everything is terrible.
Give me some money.
How are you today?
We're winning.
Everything is o.k. (no problems).

3 How about this gesture?
Shut up!

4 Perhaps a tricky one for you. Do you know?
Everything is o.k.
Things are bad.
Things are "so-so".
I'm hungry.
Are you Swedish?

5 Can you guess this one?
Everything is o.k.
Things are not going well.
Would you like a cigarette?
I'm hungry.
It's time to go home.

6 You may not have seen this one before.
I want some pizza.
I like your parents.
Is that your dog?
When is our homework assignment due?
I want a ride.

7 Can you guess this one?
Friday is a holiday.
Spaghetti would be nice.
My car is nicer than your car.
Four ................of anything: four books, four beers, etc.
Four exams.