Exploring Metaphor in words and pictures.

1 We often hear the phrase "cutting edge" these days to describe technology or a business. This is "cutting edge" technology. What do you think it means?
A sharp knife.
A sharp mind.
The most modern technology.
The most comfortable technology.
The most efficient technology.

2 The picture above is an example of a visual metaphor. It is a picture of something. What is it a picture of?
A popular video game.
The nuclear power industry.
A planetary system in space.
An atom.
A stone thrown into water.

3 What kind of building do you think this is?
A gymnasium for sports.
A popular restaurant.
A Classical Greek temple.
A bank.
A movie theatre.

In Western countries banks often copy ancient Greek architecture to give customers the feeling that the bank will, like the ancient Greek buildings, last for thousands of years.


4 If the ship and the iceberg in the movie can be thought of as metaphors, what do you think they symbolize?
The ship is a fish and the iceberg is the ocean.
The ship is a spaceship and the iceberg is space.
The ship is Jack and the iceberg is Rose.
The ship is a whale and the iceberg is a whale hunter.
The ship is human technology and the iceberg is mother Nature.

The ship can be interpreted as a metaphor for human technology which is often created to be better or stronger than nature. The iceberg shows us that nature is always stronger than human technology, and that we are foolish to think that we are better or stronger (or smarter) than nature.

"Metaphors are very useful, aren't they?"