Similes can be used in a variety of different situations. For example, the simile

"as smooth as silk" can be used to describe many things: a soft cloth, a good marriage,

a car's engine, a business deal, a test at school, a trip, someone's voice.


Here, feel this shirt. ... It's as smooth as silk.(soft to the touch)

How do you and your husband/wife get along? .............We're usually as smooth as silk. (we have few arguments)

Listen to the engine of my new car. ....... It's sounds as smooth as silk. (a quiet engine)

How did the negotiations for the new deal go? They were as smooth as silk. (no major problems)

How did the test go? As smooth as silk.(not too difficult)

How was your trip to Europe? It was as smooth as silk. (no problems)

Listen to this new cd I got. The singer's voice is as smooth as silk.(a soft, beautiful voice)



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