TGA Chronological Matching

For each quotation on the left, click and hold the pop-up menu on the right and choose which person most likely said it.

"Yes, pizza sounds fine. I haven't eaten since Jim bought some donuts earlier this afternoon."
"You'll not get a dime out of me, you idiot!"
"Come on Jim, we've got to make ourselves scarce!"
"Actually, David is coming back with us, if that's all right with you."
"Tomorrow I'll have to tow the ultra-light out of the slough."
"And if you don't mind my asking, which instrument do you prefer?"
"I guess I'm now unemployed after this disaster."
"You've spotted them? Great work, officer! We'll be there in about two minutes!"
"Did you want anchovies with that?"
"No, I checked, and it's the original Stradivarius we have, I'm sure."

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